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Helping Executives harness organisational relationship systems to unlock high performance

Coaching Services

Relationship Systems Coaching can be applied in a number of environments and domains, both professional and personal.
Here is a summary of the services on offer.

Team Coaching

Improve team relationships and performance

Is your team in need of a performance boost? Is it failing to meet stakeholder expectations or stuck in the Storming phase? 

Team Coaching is about enabling a team to function at more than the sum of its parts, by clarifying its mission and improving its external and internal relationships. It is different therefore from coaching team leaders on how to lead their teams or coaching individuals in a group setting.

Chris Davies Coaching works with you to unlock your team's potential and greatly improve its performance. 

Leadership & Management Coaching

Harness your collective leadership

Leadership and Management teams are a powerful force for change, but can often be found managing their own areas in isolation, competing with each other for scarce resources and starting more work than can be finished.

Chris Davies Coaching can help you harness organisational relationship systems to align competing business areas around common objectives, develop heightened understanding and build powerful alliances to accelerate change and supercharge your organisation’s performance.

Enterprise Agile Coaching

Enable Business Agility

Is your organisation finding it hard to adapt in a rapidly-changing world? Is change taking too long? Does the status quo defeat change initiatives?

Are you considering agile adoption or transformation, or perhaps not satisfied with the progress of your existing programme?

'Agile' is not an end in itself, but a means to an end.

With over a decade of experience in leading and coaching agile organisations, Chris Davies Coaching can work with you to establish clear objectives for your transformation and help you achieve them using an approach bespoke for you.    

Personal Relationship Coaching

Better personal relationships

Are you having trouble communicating with a loved one? Or feel that they're not listening to you?

Do you feel stuck in a difficult situation with someone, unable to resolve a shared problem, unable to move forward?

Do you feel like you are losing what you once had in your relationship with your partner?

Is there someone you care about but don't talk to anymore whom you'd like to reconnect with?

Chris Davies Coaching can work with you to reconnect with the essence of your relationship, build harmony and resilience and provide you with powerful tools to ensure lasting change.


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