About Me

My name is Chris Davies. I have a background in corporate IT, having worked as a computer operator, programmer, business and systems analyst and consultant before turning to project management.


This, and my 20+ years experience in organisations large and small, from SMEs to global corporations and public sector organisations, has helped me understand the complexities of getting things done. 

I have qualifications as a Project Manager (Dip, OU), DSDM Trainer/ Coach, icAgile team facilitator and coach, and as an Organisational Relationship Systems Coach (CRR UK). I am a member of the International Coaching Federation and abide by its Code of Ethics

I live with my wife, two children and two cats in East Sussex.


Yesssssss! That's how I felt after my coaching call with my client now. Thank you so much for our calls this morning and last week. I feel so much clearer, focused and energised. Still some fog to go, but I can see far enough. - E Rodin, Jan 2020

"Chris's most important impact on my career has been using evidence for critical thinking. He never actually gave me the answer but guided me through which questions to ask to improve my approach to Agile, product development and my career generally.

His empathy and focus on evidence based insights are a great "secret weapon", especially when dealing with contentious issues. Often needing our 1:1's as place to vent, I always finished with a clearer view of what I wanted to achieve and how to start getting there.

This forward-looking view is hugely refreshing as you don't get stuck in lessons learned/ what-went-wrong mode but rather focus your energy on what's next. - J. Wilkinson, July 2019

I recently worked with Chris on a complex and difficult project, which I’m pleased to say was a great success. Chris is an excellent communicator, he is enthusiastic and always puts the best interests of the business first. As a project manager, Chris is highly organised and leads an Agile approach to delivery. - R. Bryl

Chris has the most energy and enthusiasm I have seen in anyone claiming Agility recently. He is keen to explore continuous learning within his own craft and would be an asset to any organisation looking for direction with Agile - J. Hendry