Enterprise Agile Coaching

It has been reported that up to 97% of organisations today have adopted one or more agile methods. But this is misleading. In the same report, only 22% of respondents stated that all teams were agile, and 48% stating that less than half were.


For numerous organisations, agile is very appealing, with its promises of faster delivery, higher quality, and happier staff. And while adopting agile methods can bring about these benefits, all too often they do not materialise. There are as many reasons for this as there are organisations attempting agile adoption, but it boils down to this: the organisation structure, culture and existing practices do not support an agile working environment.

If an Agile adoption or transformation programme is to succeed, the organisation must be prepared to consider the following :

  • What is the objective? How will the organisation benefit from it and does that represent a sufficient RoI to invest in the programme?

  • The transformation programme will likely last between 3 and 5 years depending on organisation size and the resources available to the programme.

  • The programme must be authorised and led from the top, with sufficient authority to enable the changes in structure, roles, job descriptions, HR practices, finance and costing practices, etc. necessary for success.


As an Enterprise Agile Coach, with experience of more than a decade leading, training and coaching numerous organisations in agile adoption and improvement, I will work with your organisation’s leadership team to plan and run a bespoke coaching programme to meet the objectives of your organisation. 


I will provide an honest assessment of the organisation, advise on adoption strategy, train coach the leadership team to facilitate a successful change programme, and provide bespoke training and coaching to agile teams. To find out how I can help your organisation, click the button below.