Personal Relationship Coaching

Relationship System Coaching (RSC), considers the relationship that exists between individuals as a discrete entity in its own right. It recognises that the relationship, in order to grow and thrive, has needs of its own. It needs each person to be aware of each other’s needs, to encourage dialogue in pursuit of mutual agreements regarding acceptable behaviour in a healthy relationship.


RSC is perfectly equipped to deal with the following scenarios and more:

  • A couple dealing with the aftermath of an affair and wanting to repair the relationship and move on.

  • A couple whose relationship is not wholly supported by their families

  • Siblings who haven’t spoken to each other for years and would like to reconnect

  • A friendship going through difficulties

  • A couple frequently arguing and unable to resolve it

  • A family with an issue than no-one ever talks about but that needs resolving


Chris Davies Coaching works with all sorts of personal relationships where all parties can agree on the issue being dealt with and that they want the issue to be resolved. My coaching programme provides each person with increased awareness of the issues they face, the different perspectives and helps participants create an alliance in order to tackle the issue together.

Through this work, you will gain new insight into your own feelings and perspectives, as well as your partner’s, and build resilience and communication tools to carry you through future issues as well.

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