• Chris Davies

A man with a plan

Once upon a time, a man made a plan. A plan for his life.

He made the plan when he first left home to go to university. He made the plan because he had a very happy life and a family that meant everything to him. He made the plan for his life so that he could ensure that when he got married and raised his own family, it would closely resemble the family he was, albeit temporarily, leaving to go to university.

His plan included the type of job he would have, the type of car he would drive and where he would go on his holidays.

It included the type of woman he wanted to marry, her race, her religion, the family she came from, the type of job she would have, the type of food she ate, the books and music and movies and art that she liked. It included the type of house they would live in and where, how many kids they would have and how often they would go to church.

It was a good plan. He liked his plan.

And then one day, he met The One.

She was beautiful, just like in his plan. She was, like him, well-educated, smart and independent, and funny, just like the woman in his plan. They liked the same sort of music and wanted to go to the same amazing places on holiday.

And very quickly, he fell head-over-heels in love with her. And when he told her this, she said she loved him too. He was so very happy.

But when he read over his plan again, he stopped feeling so happy. Because he knew that she was not the woman in his plan. She just didn't fit. This smart and funny and beautiful woman that he had just lost his heart to wouldn't want to raise three kids and live in the suburbs. She wouldn't want to go to church on a Sunday and participate in all the family rituals that he held so dear.

She was a professional, just like him. She, too, worked long days and valued her career as much as he did. He loved and respected that about her, but he knew that she was not the woman in his plan.

What was he to do?

What would you do?

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