• Chris Davies

Breakups are not inevitable!

How long have you been with your current partner? Research indicates that only 1% of couples on a first date are still together after 5 years. According to a Relate survey, 24% of respondents experienced the breakup of their parent’s relationship. Why do so many relationships not last? The reasons are numerous, but none of them need to be terminal; relationships can be repaired and healed, made stronger and more resilient. Think for a second about what would make yours the ideal relationship, the envy of your friends. If you would like to create that, get in touch. As a qualified Relationship Systems Coach, I help people improve the quality of their relationships. I help you figure out what is important to you and to each other, to consider the relationship as its own entity with its own needs, and build a strategy and actions to strengthen the bond you share and improve the chances of you growing old together. For a free 30-minute consultation by phone or Zoom, message me to arrange a convenient time.

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