• Chris Davies

It's not (just) a new "way of working"

Agile Transformation is not (just) a change to a different "Way of Working". If that's all you perceive it to be, you are missing all of the iceberg of benefit under the surface.

Agile practices are a way to reveal to an organisation the things that are getting in the way of organisational agility; they do not, in themselves, solve your problems.

It is necessary, therefore, to first define what "organisational agility" means to you in your specific domain and context.

This creates a Purpose for the change. And purpose is critical for alignment and motivation.

Now baseline your performance against that definition, and measure changes to it along the way.

Invite your organisation's early adopters to try out agile practices and allow them to experiment safely. Learn from those experiments and publicise them widely.

This creates Demand for the change.

Create opportunities for people to 'pull' learning about agile and to apply appropriate practices. Support them.

Now be prepared to change the organisation itself to suit the new practices (structure, reporting, rewarding, culture, etc)

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